One of my friends was complaining recently that he never sees his banner on forumosa any more.

The forumosa lazertag thing was postponed because nobody signed up, but the first time I remember seeing an ad for it was several days after the event. And that was only because I had become aware from a posting that the ad existed.

OK, to be honest, I tend to blank out the ads. If they’re irritating enough to force themselves into my consciousness on a site then I tend not to use that site. On I manage not to really see them most of the time. But occasionally I start to be aware that they’re there because I see them often enough without them being too obtrusive. (eg Dr Mark)

Recently I’ve noticed ‘’ an awful lot. They seem to be appear more often than others, or else they’re more noticeable.

So I’m interested to know if the ads are weighted, how many there are now, and what other people think about them. Which ones do you notice, like, dislike, etc.? What makes a good ad? What are your feelings about the banner ads or the policy as is? etc.

And are there any better ways to communicate forumosa events to people like me who try not to look at the ads? I remember someone a few months ago complaining that the HH hadonly been announced at the last moment, which is a slightly different topic.