Banning perpetual liars from the media a good idea?

Should media people who lie about facts, the most obvious repeatedly be banned permanently from media outlets? Be it TV, IG, Twitter or whatever.

Should it go on as of now or does this so called free media need a reset?

Authoritarians everywhere agree, you might enjoy the pioneering work done in this area by the Communist Party of China.

Myself, having studied epistemology, immediately ask the question ‘who decides what are facts?’. Postmodernists, for example, might suggest that there is no such thing as facts, only different positions, so how does one determine what counts as a lie?

We really need to start an epistemology thread, but here’s a basic primer on postmodernism for you:

I’d say, if you don’t like it don’t watch it!


Recent exchange between Joe Biden and China was a complaint by the Biden administration that the Chinese cancelled the Apple daily, they replied by saying Trump and thousands of his supporters were run off Twitter to migrate to Parler only to have Parler de-platformed to the delight of liberals and they ask are we really so different to the US?

Apart from one being done by the Government and the other being done by private enterprises, given it’s harder to see where corporate entities end and Governments begin, they may have a point.


The answer is yes; the CCP loves false equivalence.


My initial question wasn’t about censorship and don’t call me a CCP supporter.

good for you.

I don’t think it’s about this anymore.
Because there’s more then 2 realities in the US already. And impossible to disband.

There is a simple solution to end the college strangehold conundrum.

Well, no one would like to be compared to the brutal communist regime, might have thought about that before engaging in authoritarian type censorship the likes of which we see coming from China and people might not make that comparison.

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So because of Parler the HK Apple daily has been cancelled?

What, only two? Sounds like what we need is more diversity. Time to let 100 flowers bloom.


You want to censor people who lie about facts.

I didn’t, I merely pointed out are similarly interested in media censorship.

thank you :relaxed:

That’s a philosophical position. I believe there is only one reality. Understanding the difference of our positions here returns to epistemology. This is one of the reasons why it is good for me that I have studied this area at a high level:


If you have garden, let it run wild. It’s doing great things to your mind. From awesome to “I’m going to choke you to death”

Sure, so the Chinese can talk to Twitter and Facebook about that. Biden didn’t censor anyone.

I was thinking more flowers, less kudzu…

No, the Chinese are telling Biden to get off their high horse in complaining about the take down of the Apple daily since they deplatform websites like Parler which are predominately opposition political voices who are there because they were kicked off Twitter for being the wrong political voice.

They go on to say, the Apple daily in terms of a threat to HK’s peace and stability proved a much greater threat than Parler did to the US left leaning political class and therefore the takedown of Parler was even more egregious and authoritarian than their cancelling of the Apple daily.

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Historically, the choking happened pretty quickly. If we’re going to censor people, perhaps the uneducated should get less of a voice as well?


I don’t like liars universally.
Nothing to do with CCP or the mods here or ideological reasons.

Twitter and Facebook is banned in China

I guess you can always run to your room and slam the door? That’ll show’em.


The problem with censoring media outlets that lie is that before long there wouldn’t be any media left. Then we’d have to rely on Jen Psaki for all our news…

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Yes, thank you, one of the reasons what Mick pointed out was a false equivalence.