Banning perpetual liars from the media a good idea?

You perhaps haven’t looked into the symbiotic relationship the politicians, their lawyers advisers and so on have with big tech (and other corporate entities including the media), their advisory boards, it’s a revolving door and back and forth of people either directly involved in whatever admin is in power or just has been in power and their spouses and other family members.

But that would be a topic for another conversation.


Until Fox News and OAN are banned, it doesn’t matter. For now, relationships between politicians and the media is a both-sides problem.

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There was media before you and there will be media after you. Fox news can’t be the way of the future

And they’ve been lying and churning out propaganda since the very beginning. It’s not like that business model was invented by CNN and Fox (or WaPo or the NYT).

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what’s this quote got to do with me?

Yes, for those who think there are two sides not just one very large corporate dominated DC machine, which I admit is very powerful and smart, but has a problem in dealing with it’s own corruption.

On this topic, Tucker Carlson and Rachel Madow are defending lies they told by claiming no one should take them seriously, done.

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It seems you are advocating for the sitting US president to be banned from the media. I thought you would like a chance to clarify.

i do see your symbiotic relationship with mick.

i like that we can disagree reasonably, i find it amusing that you can’t see the difference

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Have you considered a career in investigative journalism?

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I would concede there is one broken system, but it is a system that is ostensibly divided into two parts; realistically, there number of positions is not conveniently countable.


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What is your definition of liars? Anyone who say something different from facts?

You stated times and times again you are not even American. I do wish to know what nationality you are. Not that it matters but just for the fun of it.

You have been such a loyal supporter of the Alt-right, Trump, GOP. You should be somehow memorized.

The current guardians of ultimate truth, via the medium of “Fact Checkers”, are … um, the Media. So I’m not sure how that would even work in practice. Who is fact checking the fact checkers?

As others have pointed out, this is entirely to be expected. The purpose of the media is to propagate whatever narrative has been collectively decided upon as True. It is a very narrow and selective view of Truth - and broadly speaking, it’s hard to pinpoint any specific thing in their output and say “that statement is objectively false”. Most journalists/news outlets/whatever are not spreading lies as such. They’re just filtering the truth.

My personal observation is that the public are at fault. They consume this drivel far too willingly, and 95% of the time don’t have adequate knowledge to understand that they’re being fed propaganda. They can’t assess what they’re reading. I notice that you took a swipe at @TT back there on the basis that he actually knows something about the nature of Truth. Ponder on why you did that (I’m serious - I’m not taking the piss) and you’ll have your answer to the problem of The Media.

What do you propose as a viable alternative to the ‘free media’?


I asked about his definition of facts and that went right over the head, apparently



I know just the solution! We could establish a government-run organization to do all fact-checking for the media. We could call it the Ministry of Truth.



I have no affinity for anything “alt right” I don’t even like most right wing positions, the progressive agenda however offends me as morally indefensible, a road to divisive hatred and chaos. Which the progressive left never reflect on, never listen to even as society devolves into ever more divisiveness right before their eyes driven by their ideological agenda people like myself have warned against for well over a decade.

You should stop with the name calling and personal attacks.

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It’s so sad that this is where we’re at right now. Anyone who offers even the mildest critique of the left is instantly labeled “alt right” or “far right.” It even happens in this forum sometimes…


If they defended their ideas I would have more respect. You don’t win respect and convince others that your position is the right one by engaging in personal attacks.


When reading is too much work and rational thought equals white supremacy, what is left besides personal attacks?

Oh yeah:

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