Baraka Bar: 03.24: outdoor urban lounge night by Chi Funk

REvEvolution/Chi Funk

Baraka Bar
outdoor urban lounge night

March 24> A.D Lounge

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Baraka Bar

Baraka is a free outdoor urban lounge night by REvEvolution/Chi Funk, with great food & drink at affordable, party prices. It is all set in a casual, but elegant new lounge, complete with outdoor terrace, garden chilling & some of the sweetest beats on the island.The sound is an ecclectic mix of the latest lounge sounds: downtempo, raga, new jazz, deep house & a little old skool funk to keep everyone on their toes…
The second installment of Baraka features some added surprises for Spring, including a garden full of Sakura Blossoms, an after pool Reggae Session at sunset, a late night menu serving great pizza & pub food til 2am + new vizuals & decor that match the outdoor setting perfectly…

Line Up

Chi Funk



Dj Jah

Sundowner Sessions

A.D Lounge is just across Chung Ming Nan Rd. from The Swimming Pool.
Come by after getting some sun 03.24 and chill out in the garden

6-10pm House wine, beer, cocktails 100NT
Top reggae sounds by DJ Jah
Great Italian Food & Pizza served til 10pm

Sakura Blossom Festival Weekend

Every spring, around the equinox, millions of Asians go to see the
Sakura (cherry) blossoms. They are in bloom in the garden at A.D
A nice bit of natural decor for an outdoor party…

Art & Deco

Vizuals by El Diablo
Images from the movie, Baraka, which inspired this party, as
well as images from similar movies like Kronos & Koyaanasqatsi
All ‘non-verbal’ flicks, with stunning imagery from different cultures
and places of natural beauty around the world

Deco by RainbowFx
Indian & Balinese designs that add an exotic touch to the oudoor
landscape. We use some of the same hangings and lanterns as our
big outdoor parties–very nice if you havent seen them yet…

Tai Chung’s Hottest New Outdoor Venue

It’s a bit smaller, but much nicer than the recently closed Soundgarden. Either way, it is the best outdoor venue in the city to open, since Soundgarden.

Click this link for full size pix of the venue:

A.D Lounge & Italian Restaurant

163 Tsun Chong Jie, Tai Chung
On the grassy street across Chong Ming Nan from the swimming pool, just before Wu Chuan>


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