Bars showing NCAA March Madness ?!?!

It getting close for all those NCAA college basketball fans out there,im still convinced its the best basketball on TV (Cept maybe the NBA finals) Anyways does anyone know what bars/restaurant will air it??

The usual suspects, I’d imagine. They have been showing NCAA games on ESPN and they have some conference tournament games scheduled. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will show some of the Big Dance.

ya, they show them every wednesday at 8:30am…hopefully some bars will show it when the big dance starts

brass monkey is showing the final four in the mornings because of the time difference I think it will start on the 5th of next month tip-off at 6am…anyone interested? haha

You can watch all the games online at
For free.

ya i already knew that…its just the bar atmosphere is much more exciting. Cept, 6am is a little too early haha :eh:

The V/L Sports channel will show the games live on TV, but I don’t know if there will be English. I watched the replay of the 'Nova Pitt game tonight. That was a good one.