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A few weeks ago I was leaning towards Ohtani for MVP. But now it’s pretty obvious Judge is the guy. And he’s only, what, two points away in BA from the Triple Crown? If it were most any other year, Ohtani would take it back to back. But what Judge is doing is just, wow.

One away from Ruth’s 154-game record is nothing to sneeze at either!

Home vs shitty Pittsburg!

Judge going for media domination.



And we win the game!

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Stanton with the walk-off grand slam. hopefully this is the start of one of his filthy hot streaks.

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Hey, ma, look! We have an offense!

Close game, but not really. Judge showing the arm.

And we are not satisfied. Not with that pebble of a milestone. But this year.

Did the Yankees make the playoffs 2022?
Yankees clinch 2022 playoff berth with walk-off win over Red Sox.

Cole with a strong effort and gets thrown for speaking his truth. Boone follows.

Yanks continue winning games. Judge is still the name of the game though. Ticket prices are 5x what they should be for the carnival.

And we had to get apple tv + for a month to even see the game. :zipper_mouth_face:

Back to an 8.5 game lead in the AL East.

6 innings, 4 ERs? Cole was already done for the day (103 pitches, 6 innings) and was basically just getting his money’s worth, arguing balls and strikes as he came off at the end of the inning. The pitch he was whining about wasn’t a strike iirc, so not so much the truth.
here’s the pitch:

He got the call back at the end of the game I believe. A very low pitch was called a strike for a reverse K. Ump knew what he done. :laughing:

got the call back… ha! he blew a call (although that ump wasn’t bad).

do you prefer Nestor or Cole for playoffs?

I still go with Cole. I’d like him to get his single season SO record.

Another win overshadowed by the Boston pitcharound of Judge.

NOt today.

AL Champs!

Judge walks 4 times.

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It is high! It is far! It is gone!

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