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So Judge has hit a lot of homers. Which is fun. Homers are fun. But why are we celebrating the AL record so much this year? There was never this much fanfare over McGwire and Sosa breaking Hack Wilson’s NL record in '98. Everyone was just focused on 61. Is it because Judge is a Yankee? Also, remember, no one knew they were juicing in '98 when it happened. And in Sosa’s case, corked bats.

because of the juicing. we know now that everyone else who broke 61 was juicing, and they all happened to be in there nl. so, given he’s not going to break the mlb juiced record, we celebrate the (hopefully) clean al record. ie it’s basically code for the real, clean mlb record, but mlb and announcers aren’t going to say that out loud.

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Yeah, I’m calling BS. Don’t get me wrong, what Judge is doing is fun, but Bonds is the record holder. The pitchers were juiced too. And PEDs weren’t against the rules at that time. The league didn’t test for them.

I would not be surprised if in a month or two, it’s going to come out that the Yankees were given a different ball all season.

yes, they were.

it wasn’t in the cba, but sent as a reminder via memo, being illegal without a prescription and all…

The problem here is terminology. We use the phrase PEDs to cover everything nowadays. Steroids were already banned in '98, yes. But substances like HGH weren’t banned at the time. And to be fair I can’t remember what it was that those 3 used, or if it ever came out. But to say that all performance enhancing drugs were banned is a fallacy.

EDIT: And testing didn’t start until '03.

This is the AL we are talking about here, y’know, the league with the tougher pitching :wink:

(… who let the freakin’ Fenway troll in here in the first place…)

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Uhm, it’s a Yankees thread?

Yup :banana:


Judge starting his 48th straight game.

Cole sat down the first 15 Jays. I think he’s one short of the all time Yankee strike out record. A bit overshadowed by some hitter guy.

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Hey I’m a Twins fan. All we know is losing and heartbreak for the last 30+ years. When everyone can beat you, it helps keep you objective to the rest of the league.

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I thought it was clear from the above convo. I was referring to the media and all the attention put on this. Why I’ve gotten 3-4 push notifications from 3 different apps for the last 5 days telling me Judge is coming up to bat and is he going to get the record which, sitting at 60, would only tie Maris. Next one is the Yankees record.

But I’m not questioning talking about it on this thread. Although since they clinched, I thought the pot needed to be stirred a bit :wink:

It’s done. 62!


Judge. 62
Cole: Single season Yankee strike out record

AL Central champion Cleveland, the youngest team in the major leagues, opens the best-of-five Division Series on Tuesday at the AL East champ New York Yankees.

Noice. F8ck Tampa.

Saw that coming.

I gave him a shot to get his act together, but during the falloff, he fell further.

LA vs SD. That works. :banana:

Houston wins in a walk off. Ugh.

Cleveland is one of the youngest teams in baseball.

Living here, you know all the west coast games are on at like 10 in the morning, so I watched a lot of Dodgers/Padres this year. Thought Mets had a much better chance to beat the Dodgers. But it’s good to see San Diego even it up.

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