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da O’s have silently crept back up…shhhhhhh. I don’t wanna jinx it (though posting as such, I’m sure I will). been watching their games on MLB dot tv

that Peraza can field…

I don’t think otani’s Angels have had a real strong series against the Yankees at home. Nothing that sticks in mind.

The Angels’ catcher is done for a while I think. Separated shoulder from the look of it.

Hit parade.

I like Max. Coulda been a great Yankee years ago, and went smaller market.

Nice game in Texas. I enjoy the beginning of the season. New faces and familiar places.

Jesus H Christ.

I heard it yesterday, and seriously, wtaf?

not clear from story, but did he say “[N-word] League” instead of “Negro League”?

sure sounds like it.

Judge is back after 10 games;

Back on the road.

Yankees beat the surging Os.

In Seattle to smash.