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If they are significantly worse then yes. What I’m saying is while Angel Hernandez is definitely sub-par in comparison, statistically Angel Hernandez isn’t that much worse. His reputation might have more to do with making bad calls in high leverage situation in critical games.

It also matter how we are evaluating who should be demoted. Currently people seem to be evaluating the umpires on true strike zone, but the players argue that working with human bias is a part of the strategy, so the umpire should really be judged on consistency within a game.

And what I am saying, what thousands if not MILLIONS of baseball fans who watch his games are saying, is he sucks.

Oh, you think!?

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Yes, that’s the point I’ve been trying to make.


The top ump, Derek Thomas, has a 96.1% accuracy rating across six games and 1,027 called pitches.
What of umpire Angel Hernandez, the source of many a baseball fan’s ire this year?

  • He’s at 93.3% across six games and 1,099 called pitches— middling, but better than you might expect.

Why? Why have you been trying to make this point? :sweat_smile:

It’s a statistical fact, and if he’s not the worst statistically, but people feel like he is the worst, it’s because he’s had some high profile missed calls.

If the best we get is 96.1% and the worst we can get is 90%, 93.3% accuracy doesn’t seem like the end of the world. Like you said, these umpires went through years of training and making those calls aren’t easy. We either assist them with the technology we have instead of grading or shaming them with it, or we can stop judging them on true zone, and judge them on per game consistency. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m fine with you not agreeing with it. I just don’t like people being unfairly evaluated.

The racist now #2 batting avg

it’s not.

Roboumps are still a work in progress, as well as how it’s deployed (including purposely putzing with a different strike zone in AAA vs MLB, which seems kind of whack), but if you go robo-ump and have full 3d tracking of the ball for balls and strikes, why would you allow umps to override it? Just to introduce some random inconsistency? :wink:

It’s kind of funny that apparently one of the complaints about robo ump in AAA is it’s maybe too precise and consistent - coupled with the smaller strike zone, SOs are down and BBs are up, leading to longer games. So, players want better calls for big calls- when it matters. The rest of the time, they don’t care. It’s even funnier that it’s not true - game times between roboump and ump called games are basically the same. So basically people like to bitch at umps, regardless. ha.

he’s pretty far down the percentile rankings.

nobody’s been demoted.

So he misses 70% more.

He’s the worst. You seem to miss that his accuracy is part of the reason, but not the only reason for thinking that. Nobody (here) is claiming his overall accuracy is at the bottom of the rankings when they complain about Angel. :wink:

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He actually missed nearly twice as much as Derek Thomas, but since he called more pitches.

I read a few books about Ty Cobb. Funny how people remember him for the somewhat embellished racist stuff that is a lot of second and third person stories and not his war against the owners for free agency which is now a hard rule protecting players rights. These guys making huge bank now should thanks Ty Cobb.

I would have loved seeing him and the rest of them compete against the Negro League players.

I think he’d have held up tbh and a lot of the Negro League guys exposed.

MLB doesn’t buy the racist narrative either.


Gil and Volpe run the show

Luis Gil strikes out nine batters | 05/29/2024 | MLB.com

They found Angel’s replacement.

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You only got half right. You also promote umpires that do well. What’s wrong if promoting and demoting umpires by performance? We do it for players.

So do players want the absolute true zone or not? Frankly if they do, just use the roboump, and be done with it.

If pitcher and batters like to work with the bias to gain an advantage, and feel like its a part of their art, then umpires should not be evaluated based on true zone, but based on their per game consistency.

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Game of the day.

Twins at NYY.

8-0 NY. Smashing them in the fifth.

BAL thrashed the Yankees at home. Good. I hope the Yankees remember that later on in the season.

Lots of good games on. None happening at Yankee Stadium.

Oops, or on the road for that matter. No on is producing save Judge and Soto. I’d just walk them in the 8th and 9th innings. Choke the life out of the Yankees. But, massive crowds at home last week, so the bottom line is foin.

So, back at NYY @ BAL, where the slide began. Yanks have a chance to retake 1st place going into the All Star break-- and blow it. Spectacularly with two errors and Holmes falling apart in the bottom of the ninth. :doh: