Baseball team in taiwan

hi , this is paul , from taiwan, i play baseball on Saturday in Taiwanese Society baseball league in New taipei city, if u r foreigners from other countries (such as Australia, US, etc) with baseball experience, please contact me ,via e-mail or my phone, especially for those foreigners or travellers who will be staying more than 6 months in taiwan to play baseball.

we have amateurs and experienced people can pitch around 100-120km 70-75 mph ,the Taiwan Society Baesball league average pitching speed is around 70-75 mph too

so if you have great interest in baseball also with passion, please come and have a shot, we are trying to recruit foreigners with baseball experience and passion into our team and have fun together.

Our team currently have more than 40 people, with 3 teams from different level and language will not be a problem or issue because we have peoeple ( Taiwanese) studied from England, Australia and US with good English ability to translate for you.

therefore it is a great opportunity to have fun with baseball in Taiwan. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Our baseball current training and game time is on Saturday morning and afternoon, my phone is 0987-097-747,(PauL) cheers.

You still looking for players? My friend and I are looking for a team. He is an IF/OF. I play OF/P and C in a pinch (getting old so it is harder for me).

Let me know.