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Good for Japan, Korea lost haha. 大谷 翔平 Shohei had good first game, was the winning pitcher and also good job batting. Game was close until the end though, China did better than i expected.

China right now is in that 80s and 90s Team Taiwan mode. They completely lack bullpen depth, and just have a 19 year-old pitcher that just hit his prime and could shutout a good team for 8 innings, then it all falls apart the moment he leaves the mound. The hitting isn’t really there, but they got a few foreign born players to give them some offense.

Sounds a bit early for prime…

So who will be number one, at the end? Hope 大谷 翔平 Shohei can boost Japan

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Where is the captain? And where is 陳晨威 who should be leading off?

I like how Tyler Maun pronounces Po-Jung like Carl Jung.

Tsent Ren-ho pitched in the 2013 WBC against the Neatherlands when he was 19 as well. He would have been on the team this year had he not suffered a shoulder injury a week prior.

Taiwan bested Italy 7:11 for the first win in this WBC.

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Now who’s gonna pitch against Holland?

Also, Wei-Chung Wang can only hit 89. That’s sad.

I’m guessing it’s going to be Huang Tzu-peng.

Here’s Giljegiljaw Kungkuan’s homerun.

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Full game recap from MLB

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Those videos are all unavailable (except the official WBC one).

You got geoblocked

They work for me.

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan.

@OysterOmelet you should be here in Taiwan instead of always spending your coins traveling around Europe. :grin:


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Losing Tseng is going to sting. We don’t have enough depth. I guess everyone who pitched today except Jiang and Wang will be able to pitch again.

Huang has a weird delivery and great command. He was pretty unhittable last year. So, maybe he will be weird enough to keep the Netherlands bats quiet.

Is home run hitting Giljegiljaw Kungekuan Paiwan?


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Yeah I’m sure they’ll be weirded out by a submariner (not many of those) once or maybe twice around the lineup.



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