Bash the penguin, shoot the frog-The famous Crazy Frog

Here is the famous crazy Frog, all ready to be shot out of a cannon…have fun…
for background on the ringtone phenomenon: … id=4592355

providing a bit of stress relief when you’re working… :wink: … crazy+frog
my best is 93
my best is 321.1

crazyfrog.yourebustingmyball … =Ringtones Frog lovers, don’t look at this site. So far, my best score is a 91.

The BEST cricket game ever!

[quote=“sandman”]The BEST cricket game ever![/quote] Yep! Even the North Americans should understand this version of the game. After all it’s just like baseball. :saywhat: I’ve only made it to the second level so far. My high score is only 6450 so far.

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and I have a high of 93 :bravo: :sunglasses:

I thought this was a thread about Quebec separating.

91,5 at shooting the frog. Not bad for a girl.

Have you tried the other crazy frog game?
My best is 610 at the moment, but the night is long, I will keep practising :slight_smile:

I found this on the Crazy Frog site as well - a pig-drawing personality test :slight_smile:

Here’s my piggy:

It says I’m ok but nothing special :slight_smile:


I’m a good listener, distrustful and good at shagging.