Basic cooking courses (Western & Taiwanese home cooking)?

1)I would like to learn some basic, Western home cooking (nothing fancy and not 5-star hotel food). Does anyone know of good cooking course?

  1. I would also like to take a course in Taiwanese home cooking. Does anyone know of a good course?


There used to be a chef that wrote a food column in the China Post a couple of years ago. I know he used to teach small private groups. He is an F&B consultant for the Canadian Trade Office and is a professional chef. His email address is - maybe you can find a few of your friends to do this class together.

Thanks for the tip!

does anyone know a serious place where one can learn real traditional chinese cooking??? :s
any help will be welcomed

try community college: 社區大學. I hear there is a good one in Wenshan (Jingmei) and I’m sure Shihlin and some other areas have them as well. Classes are cheap and varied, but you will need to be proficient in Chinese. - classes in English

Has anybody heard of cooking classes where foriegners can go? meaning the teacher might speak a little english, u can watch and learn but it would be nice if the teacher can speak a ittle. Somehow I doubt it but I’m just willing to check it out.I’d like to learn how to make some famous Chinese cuisine. (Dim Sum!)

I am pretty sure there is a cooking class at the Bike Farm. I just saw an ad posted there when I went in to check my bike the other day.

I went to the Bike Farm site and found a link to Jodie’s Kitchen. I assume that she has great classes to learn cookery, and all classes are held in English, but I have had no experience with the classes.

i took classes from Jodie and they were great. I wanted to learn local cooking but she also teaches Italian and Thai style. her English is wonderful and shes a great teacher, I hope to start again soon.

Next time you go, I’d like to join you if there’s space!

I would be interested, too! Please let me know if you go to another class.

Also, I think that the Community Services Center in Tianmu has some cooking classes, though I’m not sure.

Yes, the Center does offer classes.

It is a one on one or one on two class just call her up fpr an appointment ( she has a great house on the mountain by XinPi.

Braxton your welcome to join me when I get back in the groove and she even welcomed the kids!


Anybody know of anywhere where I can learn to cook Chinese food properly? I remember on a visit to Thailand it was possible to sit 2 or 3 day courses to learn how to cook authentic Thai food.

If yes, is it expensive?

Over to you guys…


Funk 500,
I know of two possibilities:

  1. The Taipei Community Services Center runs classes on shopping/cooking where you learn how to identify, buy and use local foods.

The Community Services Center
No. 25, Lane 290, Chung Shan North Rd., Sec. 6, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2836-8134 � 2838-4947 e-mail:

  1. Jodie’s Kitchen
    Classes run by the Taiwanese woman.


Cheers for that AJ… much appreciated!!!

:bravo: fast reply too!

any other ideas… send them this way