Basic fishing gear recommendations (fresh water)

Went by Dahu Park recently, and its the first time I ever seen a sign that encourages fishing here in Taipei. :discodance:
I dont plan on keeping anything, sure as hell aint going to eat anything either.

I am heading home to the USA and plan on bringing back some gear. I think a collapsible fishing pole will do the trick getting through the MRT system back to this park.
Was wondering what kind of tackle I should bring?

I was watching some of the locals and it seemed they were fishing with bread…and the lazy man style of just casting and waiting forever.
I was thinking about: rubberworms ( texas-rig), spinners, maybe some artificial frogs, buzz baits for top water.
Anyone got advice?

flash edit… well just read they drain this lake all the time ( looking for fishing dahu park pics on google) … so fishing must be terrible? :s

Hi Andrew,

we have lots of different fish around here. The local people mostly or let me say “traditional” try to catch non-predatory fish - like what you have seen with the bread. But here are more and more young(er) anglers dicover spinfishing, shore jigging and other ways to catch the predators. Also fly fishing becomes more and more popular.

So if you want to have an all purpose and easy to carry rod, I would choose a long (~270) telescopic spinfishing rod with a medium casting weight. It is sensitive and long enough for the non-predators but powerful enough to get a bass, a salmon, a snake head or whatever comes along our rivers :slight_smile: A 2500 reel with braided line and 2m mono leader makes it just a good thing.

Don’t forget to take a landing net with you!

Tight lines!

PS: Check out

laugh, pretty much exactly what I have with me now.
havent caught anything, I seem them but they are just not interested.