Basketball League

Anyone know where I can get a game of hoops here, or possibly join a league? I’m getting myself back into shape now and actually miss playing the game. Would be great to find some guys who play, or a league I can join to get a good cardio workout a few times a week.

Where is “here”?

I’m in Taipei

I know some guys who play here (Banqiao). PM me and I can hook you up. They play Saturdays late afternoon and I think some of them also play in a league.

do no girls in taipei play any basketball!? life sux without sports…i dun wanna do cycling everyday…or shooting hoops by myself…

Well, they are a pretty nice bunch of guys. You could try joining them. Let me know if you want contact info by PM.

Thats very sweet of you~ but banqiao is kinda far for me…i live all the way in da-zhi/nei-hu area. Thanx anyways :slight_smile: