🏀 Basketball - Taiwan | Pickup Basketball

My favorite thing to do while I’m in Taiwan is play basketball. I’m actually surprised how much talent is there for a country that has just recently adopted the sport. I often go to the covered courts at the Tainan recreation center (idk the actual name). This spot is great because once everyone gets off work, it is packed until around 10:30 with everyone trying to play pickup 3v3 games. Anyone have videos or photos of good places to play? Or any info on local talent?

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I feel like northern Taiwan is more of a basketball hub. Tainan I want to play in their amateur baseball leagues. I imagine they are real good down there.

Recently? Define recently, basketball has been the sport of choice for as long as I’ve been here and that’s a damn long time.

it aint that deep

3 foot high and risin’

Map of bball courts in Taipei: https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/xVur8q_cy0UMTs6mpFYjMFVcnb_Q6w

To find pickup run, contact @goodrun.nyc on IG

OK, which of you guys is this? :rofl:


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Hi guys! anybody is down to go play at ntu or ntu? :basketball: