Bassist wanted for indie rock band

hi. we’re an indie rock band playing music along the veins of Mineral, in the genre of slo-core, which is a sub-branch of emo. interweaving harmonic guitar parts, soaring vocals, and driving drums. i can’t speak for everyone else, but i’d like to eventually crank it up a notch and bring it closer to an Engine Down sound, which is harder, darker (lots of minors), and moodier. (no, this doesn’t mean we’re trying to emulate someone else’s sound, we definitely have our own ‘thing’ going, but for the sake of description, there you go. – if you don’t know who these bands are, they’re worth checking out.)

we’re looking for a bassist, to fit into the equation. somebody who’s open-minded, passionate, inspired, and committed. we’re not saying you’re bound to the band, but we do have plans to eventually move back to the states together to tour and pursue getting signed to an indie record label, through connections that we collectively have.

if you would like more info, go ahead and give me a shout: 0910-301-150. (ask for tiff)

i’m always down to meet more friends, so even if you can’t join the project, i want to meet you!