Bastille Bar?

Has anyone been to this bar near Shida? They advertise to have 200 bottled beers (similar to Odeon, I suppose). If so, do you like the place?

Bastille IS the place formally known as Odeon. It is still a great place to go in my opinion.

A dead thread but I thought some might be interested to know there appears to be another Bastille opening up in the Shida area. This one is near Sizzler (Heping/Xinsheng), from memory it is in the lane where the 7-Eleven is (it’s easy to spot from Heping anyway). It still looked like it was a week or more from being open, but they had a vinyl banner up.
That will save me 5 minutes walking to either of the other two Bastille’s I guess. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for posting this, stevegan, and dusting off this old thread.

I think this must be Wenzhou Jie–where it intersects with Heping. Perhaps the latest Bastille took over the spalce of one of the outlet clothing stores there. I noticed one had closed down, and it looked as if it was being gutted and refitted for something.

This location will be a bit closer to me, as well, though the original Bastille and the other similar bars further down Wenzhou, near the old Lane 86, aren’t really that inconvenient either.

In any case, the more places in Taipei serving fine Belgian beers, the better.