Bathroom organizer to put over the toilet

It is a very common product in the U.S. - it is usually 2 poles with shelves between them - the poles go from floor to ceiling. One end of the pole has springs in it so that it mounts without screws in the wall. It would be helpful if I knew the Chinese for this item. Thanks for any help you can provide.

I haven’t looked for this specific item, but in case you don’t get any better answers, here’s a more general one: Ikea and B&Q are good places to start for this kind of thing, followed by places like RT Mart and Carrefour. Have you tried any of these yet? Also, take a drawing or printed out photo with you, and it will help even if you don’t know the Chinese.

Yes, gesturing might not be the way to go with a toilet seat cover. :smiley:

Yes, gesturing might not be the way to go with a toilet seat cover. :smiley:[/quote]

I think he means shelves above the toilet for storing stuff. Sounds quite useful. I’ve no idea where to find one, but IKEA sounds good. … 49&bih=615

I’ve seen several types of those in Hola/B&Q (I forget which – they’re in the same building in Shilin). They were on sale for about NT$800-NT1000 several weeks ago. But these all had four legs, not spring poles.

I’ve seen them in Hola.

RT Mart and Carrefour. Seems to have all the spray acctraments, brushes, towel trays, etc.


COme on;
Brushes, towel racks, towel storge. . . . .etc. Hell, I’m not Japanese with water toys, etc. (But anybody now a supplier?)

Martin knows best. :laughing:

you might want to get a free standing, as some of the bathrooms in these private partments the ceiling are dropped in thin tile pieces (to hide the above pipes) that cant handle the tension from a tension pole they will just pop up and out of place. Unless you got a solid ceiling in the bathroom.

I found one for $590 in Wugu Industrial Area…
ask taxi to drive you there from Taipei Main ( only way these directions will work, sorry.) Taxi: $200 NT. 10 minute drive at most?
when he turns off the highway… goes straight for awhile… then turns right… a mitsubishi dealer on the right… get ready to get out…I consider this the main road into Wugu INDUSTRIAL AREA. No. 70 Wukung Rd. get out at the First 7-11 on the right… facing the front door of 7-11… walk right… construction will be on your right side of road… walk about two soccer fields or less to a grocery store on the corner. Its in there. Far back wall. Its a free standing, two shelves, white metal. Most important measurement would be width… its about 1 foot… might hit your back? less than 6’ tall.
I think it comes in a box, need a screw driver.

Thanks for all of your help! I finally got one.