Bathtub screen - Wtf?


This is probably for you Europeans out there. I got a new house and one of the bathrooms has one of these instead of a rod across the walls where I can hang a curtain. What do they expect you to do to prevent splash? What do you do to deal with this? Because make no mistake, there is splash and the bathroom floor has been getting wet. :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


You don’t want shower curtains in Taiwan. Mold, mold and more mold! Those things grow mold faster than you can rinse your hair!


Funny you would think that’s a european things. as a european, i always thought that was a us thing^^

are you sure it’s just an hygienic thing?

imo it’s mostly aesthetics,that’s why they use a lot of glass(closed or half-closed). it looks good but it’s not practical if you don’t have a housekeeper. there’s just too much stains and other residue.

a curtain can easily be cleaned or replaced and holds the water back quite well, much better than those silicone/plastic sealings that come with glassdoor showers.


Well good thing I’m in Los Angeles, then…


Solutions, someone?


Clean whole bathroom up after each use?


Wait, you are in Los Angeles, in the USA asking about how to keep a bathroom dry in a forum for Taiwan??? eh?

Just dry up your bathroom when you are done showering. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.


Have somebody come in, measure, and fab a door that swings out (assuming you have room for that - can’t see in your photo). Even in LA this shouldn’t cost more than $4-5k.

If you have to replace the whole shower wall (it may be cheaper, or you may not have room for a door to swing out), then even replacing the glass wall-to-wall shouldn’t cost more than $4-8k.

If you know somebody, it may cost less. If you do the demo, it may cost less. If you can buy a door or a wall at Lowe’s (or wherever), it may cost less.


Ha, I’m more about that prevention life. Clean up sucks.

It’s under general & not living in tdubs, is it?

As for 2nd, refer above.




Do they send tension rods in the States? You would nee that to hang the shower cutrain well, while you shower. Then you can remove the thing when it is not in use.


I mean, yeah. I’ll probably do that. Sigh.


Seriously, I see the kind of tiles more problematic. You have your work cut out for you, sir.


Por que? No me gusta.


The cleaning sir. Black tiles, black furniture, lotta work.


No me gusta = I do not like it

No te gusta? = Don’t you like it?

Spanish is complicated. But clenaing black tiles without staining them is mroe complicated.


Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. Regarding the “problematic” concerns - did not like the sound of that.


Eh. My cocktail-napkin guess may be wrong. Start with getting an estimate from a reputable contractor in your area. Estimate should be free.

An estimate should give you some peace of mind about your choices.


Until I saw the photo I was thinking, how big is this TV screen he’s talking about? :tv:


Me too. I thought he wanted a screen installed in his bathroom.


Your toilet alone looks a better place where to live than my house.

Don’t complain.

PS: I saw that type of screen before, I guess that at some hotel. My house in Europe has a couple of those that fold like a weird door.


I used a pole and curtain. I used to have to change the curtain regularly until i found the current one which works well, repelling any fungus.