Batman Begins (prev. Batman spoke Chinese)

“I am not a criminal!”

The audience wasn’t expecting it, but a few chuckles came after a couple of seconds. I thought it was kind of dumb, too. It reminded me of Shu-Qi in her first English movie when she said “I have to pee.”

But I guess it was a start. Cantonese would have been cooler, though.

The bat signal wasn’t originally a bat. The bat tools other than the suit and the bat mobile could have been better explained in the movie.

It’s great - I really enjoyed it and so did everyone I know who has seen it. Top stuff.

and i understood half of his Chinese sentence!
i didnt think it was dumb though…
why is it dumb?
i think it shows that he’s really losing himself in the local environment - he has stooped so low as to learn Chinese - its a powerful statement. (that last bit is a joke)