Batman Begins

It doesn’t look all stupid like that last couple have been. That makes me happy. I hope this one turns out good. I’ve always liked Batman because I thought (think) I could grow up to be something similar (if I was ever a multi-billionaire and had a manner). I saw the preview here somewhere but it’s redily availible online. That tis all.

It’s also going to be showing at the 3D IMAX at the miramar mall. If you haven’t seen a movie there yet, get on it. It takes movies to a whole new level.

Duly noted. :slight_smile:

Looks like we’ve got a place for the next movie night then? :laughing:

I’d be all over it, but I think it’s still got a few months before it comes out. For some reason June 17 is the date in my head, but that could be way off. I think that animated Robots movie is playing there now.

Count me in for Batman Begins at IMAX. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I realize BB’s a while off, but still, next good movie that’s there and BAM I’m on it. Hitchhiker’s Guide, perhaps? Or maybe Star Wars Ep. 3? God, how cool would that be…

Even Robots is going to kickass there. They could made a 3d IMAX documentry on lawn bowling and you would walk away from it amazed. Watching a movie on a screen 8 stories high with the insane 3D glasses and the latest dolby-digital-stereo-you-rock-my-world sound is like nothing else. I saw the polar express there and it friggin rocked. Yes, the polar express.

Damn… I should have went then. :laughing:

I’d be up for setting up a movie thing for Batman. The new Starwars should be on my list too.

I wanted to see Robots yesterday at the 3D Imax in Miramar, but it ain’t showing in 3D, so we saw it in a normal theater and it was a fun cartoon, my son really enjoyed it. They had the Polar Express in 3D last week, but said Robot isn’t gonna be.
At the Shi Lin Imax they have a 3D showing of Jet Fighter, which is awesome.

Oh yeah I am so there! I can’t wait till it comes out, then all the bootleg/knock-off stuff will replace all the spiderman junk, and I can get my fix.