Battery drain on TaiwanMobile Samsung galaxy s2

Whenever my phone freezes, and I restart, the battery goes to almost empty, even if it was previously full. I can’t seem to locate reference to this specific issue on the web. Does anybody have this problem?

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Nope, but maybe it’s just the battery meter rather than the battery. Have you tried getting a battery meter app and seeing if it still happens?. I love my S2 but it has been buggy as hell in the 2 years I’ve had it.

I had that once and it was an app (Tweetdeck) that caused it. I ended up changing to a different Twitter client, but an uninstall / reinstall of the app would probably work too.

Yes I had this problem before with my S2 it was the battery. Are you using the battery that the phone came with or is a second one?