Battery testing - mAh capacity - Need urgent feedback pls!

Need some technical advice from one of you tech experts.
Has been long time ago I was in Electronics and got a question.

Friend of mine wants to ship NI-MH batteries to Europ.
Size AAA, 1.5v , 900 mAh.
They need some test overthere to benchmark the qualtiy.

There is some concern IF the battery is indeed 900mAh or not,
Got a V-T test repport which says that in Charge position, the capacity is 1125 mAh and in Discharged position 669 mAh.
It also says Current 450mA

Can we assume that the 900mAh is reached as the 1125 capacity is more?
Need an answer ASAP

You really need to charge and discharge a few samples at least 20 times to see how the specs hold up. What brand of battery is it. Japan, Taiwan or China made?

Taiwanese, dirt cheap. 0,79 US$ for a set of 3 B2B price. do not have the sample with me sorry.