Battle of the Film Festivals

There’s two great little film festivals on at the moment. None of the information in the papers had the screening times though. I got both schedules today, and here’s the times of the English screenings.

Shaw Brother’s Film Festival
6 Remastered Shaw brother’s classics at the Breeze Centre.
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978 Kung Fu Classic)
Mon 9:10PM
Tue 1PM
Thu 4:50Pm
The Blood Brother’s (1973 Kung Fu)
Mon 2:20PM
Wed 8:50PM
Fri 1Pm
Come Drink With Me (1966 Fantastic Wu Xia swordplay classic which I saw today)
Mon 10:30AM
Tue 3:10PM
Wed 5PM
Thu 12:30PM
Fri 3:20PM
The Empress Dowager(1975)
Mon 12:20 PM
Tue 9:30PM
Wed 10:30AM
Thu 7PM
Fri 5:10PM
The Kingdom and the Beauty (1959)
Mon 7:10PM
Tue 5PM
Wed 12:30PM
Wed 6:50PM
Thu 10:30AM
Thu 11:30PM
Fri 9:40PM
The Love Eterne (1962 Fantastically popular movie - many sessions sold out or selling fast)
Mon 4:40PM
Mon 11:20PM
Tue 10:30AM
Tue 7PM
Wed 2:30PM
Wed 11:10PM
Thu 2:20 PM
Thu 9PM
Fri 10:30AM
Fri 7:10PM
Fri 11:40PM

Asian Next Wave Film Forum
SPOT Taipei (18 Zhongshan N Rd Sec 2, No.18)
Love at 7-11
Mon 12PM
Wed 6PM
The Trigger
Tue 2PM
Thu 6PM
Mirror Image
Tue 6PM
Fri 6:20PM
The Best of Times
Tue 7:30PM
Wed 10:40PM
Yi Yi (this movie is meant to be brilliant and as of Sun afternoon there were only 30-something tickets left, so be quick)
Fri 8:10PM


Right after the Taipei Film Festival, SPOT will house a Northern Europe Film Festival with movies by Ingmar Bergman, Lars von Trier, Aki Kaurismaki and other Dogma 95 directors. Movies to be shown will include:

  • The Autumn Sonata (I. Bergman, 1978)
  • Fanny och Alexander (I. Bergman, 1983)
  • Breaking the Waves (L. von Trier, 1996) - one of my all-time favorites, starring the wonderful Emily Watson
  • The Idiots (Aki Kaurismaki, Dogma movie No.2 - 1998)
  • I hired a contract killer (Aki Kaurismaki, 1990)
  • La Vie de Bohime (Aki Kaurismaki, 1992)
  • Drifting Clouds (Aki Kaurismaki, 1996)
  • The Man without a Past (the newest Aki Kaurismaki, 2002)
  • Babette’s Feast (Gabriel Axel, 1987) - a beautiful movie :slight_smile:
  • Festen (Thomas Vinterberg, Dogma movie No. 1, 1998)
  • Italensk for Begyndere (Lone Scherfig, Dogma movie No. 12, 2000)
  • Together
  • Show me Love
  • The other Side of Sunday
  • Under Solen (Colin Nutley, 1999)
  • My life as a dog (Lasse Hallstrom)
  • Elvira Madigan
  • All things fair

The SPOT website doesn’t seem to have any info yet, and I couldn’t find showtimes anywhere. Info phone number for showtimes, tickets etc. would be 2778-2991.


Babette’s Feast? I loved that movie…

Following the Northern Europe Film Festival is the Taiwan International Animation Festival which runs from April 4-27 and will have screenings in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hsinchu. :slight_smile:

My Life as a Dog is also worth watching.

I think My Life as A Dog and Fanny and Alexander are the only two I’ve seen; quite a chance to catch up on modern Japanese psychology and social life, too…

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, precisely… …and i’m fked’p too

I have two tickets to a screening this afternoon at 1:10 of the 1983 Australian film Man of Flowers. It’s supposed to be very good. I can’t make it, so I’m giving away my tickets.

The theater’s at 25 Bade Rd. Sec. 3. You’d need to pick up the tickets from me in person near the Lai-Lai Sheraton.

I just tried to find more info on the Scandinavian Film Festival. Strangely enough, apart from that short article I read in the Culture Express, I can’t find anything at all :frowning:

Film Festivals here tend to drive me crazy with their lack of information and their flashy but often enough not very helpful websites. :frowning:

Does anybody know about showtimes etc.? Does it actually take place at the SPOT Filmhouse? Did I overlook something???

Any help appreciated :frowning:

I finally found info on the Scandianvian Film Festival (though most of it is over by now, at least in Taipei):

Day Time Titel Length Subtitles
12:00 芭比的盛宴Babtte’s Feast 102 C
14:00 敏郎悲歌Mifune’s Last Song 98 C
16:00 秋光奏鳴曲The Autumn Sonata 97 C
18:00 狗臉的歲月My Life as a Dog 101 C
20:00 那一個晚上The Celebration 105 C
22:00 愛情累了Kira’s Reason: A Love Story 93 C/E
12:00 那一個晚上The Celebration 105 C
14:00 哭泣與耳語Cries and Whispers 106 C
16:00 他傻瓜 我聰明Me, My Friend and I 88 C
18:00 陽光燦爛的女人Under the Sun 118 C
20:00 一個屋簷下Together 106 C
22:00 芭比的盛宴Babtte’s Feast 102 C
12:00 敏郎悲歌Mifune’s Last Song 98 C
14:00 浮雲記事Drifting Clouds 96 C
16:00 最美麗的夏天A Summer Tale 91 C
18:00 芭比的盛宴Babtte’s Feast 102 C
20:00 芬妮與亞歷山大Fanny and Alexander 197 C
12:00 破浪而出 Breaking the Waves 153 C
14:30 我僱了一個合約殺手 I Hired A Contract Killer 80 C
16:00 沒有過去的男人The Man without a Past 97 C/E Hsinchu and Taichung show times story synapses and show times

Anybody in for a movie??


The Golden Horse Film Festival is about to start (where has the time gone??? I still remember meeting people at last year’s Golden Horse). And finally, they’ve managed to set up a usable website (jeez, Taiwan seems to have changed since I got here). Check it out for movies and schedules (and please don’t ruin my illusion that they might actually have gotten the schedule and show times right). The current “Discover Taipei” has a special on the Golden Horse Film Festival.

Also coming up: the Taiwan International Documentary Festival. English website doesn’t seem to be working (yet?).

Changchun theater screens an Australian Film Festival from Nov. 13 to 19. Movies include:
Japanese Story
Walking on Water
Ned Kelly
Black and White
Swimming Upstream
Looks pretty interesting.

SPOT currently screens a “Never kill camera film festival”, mostly Taiwanese short films (to which I picked up the schedule at Witch House yesterday and forgot it at home - it looked more interesting after checking out the English film titles in the flyer than I would have guessed from the all-Chinese website). Starting tomorrow, they have a retrospective on two Korean directors. I’ll post details if I find them in English. Check out the stickied (thanks, Cranky!) [url= thread[/url].

Any suggestions for “Weekly Movie” doings? Post them in the Weekly Movie thread, please.


From an article in “Culture Express” on the Golden Horse Digital Shorts competition:

“How does a cat murder its own tail? How can a stiff body gain its freedom by swallowing a cell phone? Why did Little Cindy fall into the world of comics and become a “Sailor Moon”? How can a series of wrong actions become a beautiful tune?”

“The TGHFF…looks at how different directors…use illogical, silly plots to show the absurdity of life.”

Looks like I’m taking the wrong approach to filmmaking.