Baumann's Kaffee- New Sogo

Was in the new Sogo at Zhongxiao fuxing, day off-ing. Wow, that place is dull.

Dangerously low caffeine levels forced me to seek coffee shop refuge so I went into Baumann’s on the 10th floor. Dimly lit, purpley upholstered, Austrian style toasted cheese and bread, good coffee. They also had Austrian wine by the glass, soup, pancakes and other desserts and some good looking cake. I could see the Austrian (???) owners supervising everything in the kitchen.

Wooden chairs. Heavy cutlery. Table cloths. Staff attentive and polite, but not overbearing (they didn’t try to clear the table while I was still sitting, for example)

The prices are higher end coffee shop level, so it’s not the best meal you’ll ever eat, but it was a lovely place to relax for a while and have some good quality bread and cheese and coffee. I’d definitely recommend it. [/i]

Well, the decoration is nice and the staff is friendly. The coffee was ok. But the cakes were a bitter disappointment! The Sacher cake was completely dry and well past its prime,my friend’s Malakoff cake bore no resemblance to any Malakoff I ever ate, it was more like what you would get if you ordered a Tiramisu at a local coffee shop. For this price I expected something much better to be honest.