BBC online

I just looked at the old BBC vs CNN thread, and decided to start a new one as the old one kind of lost its way a bit.

I’m prompted by this article, which is typical of the crap they’re turning out these days. For an ‘analysis’ it’s pretty weak. As an essay on anything it’s basically crap. There is no real point to the story or conclusion drawn, it’s just a rambling series of anecdotes with a few opinions thrown in. I have high school students that could do better then this.

Please, let’s not argue about whether the reporter’s opinions are valid. My point is that they are not well presented or supported, and no ‘quality’ news organisation has a right to publish stuff like this.


There is talk of dismantling the BBC: … 0215090138

God save the BEEB!

I’m afraid that shameless prima donna, Greg Dyke, carries much of the blame for the BEEBs current imbroglio. His behaviour plus New Labour’s reformist zeal spells trouble.

Reform it yes, but don’t take away its independent status. The BEEB and the Royal Family are Britain’s best known “exports”

Grrrr. You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?

And what good is dismantling the beeb if they still employ the same people?