BBC2's The Office (NTSC)

Anyone got this in NTSC format yet ? (or know where I can get a cheap PAL TV)

I could always stick my DVD player in NTSC mode and record it… although that’s not something I’m keen on doing

No that would be a hassle. I may just have to save up my pennies and buy a PAL/NTSC television. The problem is I can get the DVD from amazon in the UK, and most half decent DVD players here can put out a PAL signal, but at the moment I only have an NTSC TV. It’s going to hurt paying 600 quid for a telly I could buy in the UK for 300, though !

When I looked for a PAL/NTSC tv a while ago the only place I could get one from is Hong Kong, don’t know about now though. Taiwan is not exactly famous for like foreign things and forieng standards…
If you just want to watch DVD’s, I suggest you use your computer.
Or get a DVD player that can produce a NTSC signal from a PAL source

I just checked, and you can download it on Kazaa, if that’s your thing.

The whole of both series 1 & 2 is available on Kazaa, top quality too. You’ll find the making of series 1 on there as well. Put that new internet connection to work!

Thanks, Hexuan for mentioning this series. I just watched an episode and it’s hilarious.

Thanks to Kazaa, too, for my expat TV: Six Feet Under, Ab Fab, Queer as Folk …

Any other recommendations?

Faulty Towers…Friends…Simpsons…South Park…Get all the latest episodes in English! Stephen Hawkins Universe - Seeing Is Believing, BBC Space, many more. Do a search under BBC, CH4 etc

It seems to me that Hexuan wants to buy it, so could everyone please stop telling us where we can steal it. We are not all pirates :frowning:
Hexuan: Look into Sampo dvd players, they can convert PAL<->NTSC and are easy to make region-free without modifications. There are probably others, but Sampo is what I’ve got. I get all my UK entertainment needs from They don’t charge extra for sending abroad so might be cheaper than amazon and the service is excellent.

You may not have to spring for a new TV - you might be able to buy a separate PAL-NTSC converter. Cheaper, but not very cheap, tho…

NTSC to PAL conversion results in a loss of quality though - isn’t PAL only 500 lines ? Will this happen with DVDs ? I’ve seen NTSC video tapes and the quality is shocking compared to PAL’s 625 lines.

My 15" monitor is just too small for watching movies.

When I watched PAL DVD’s on my Taiwanese (ie no PAL) tv, it was acceptable, didn’t even notice the change in refresh rate, but then again The Office isn’t know for the special effects. DVD’s have a higher resolution than non-widescreen TV’s can show.
Watching TV shows I did not notice any loss in quality. If I was to watch to a Hollywood movie I might, but I have those on Region 1 or 3. What make and model of DVD player do you have ?

Hexuan, if you don’t have any objections to DL’ing stuff, you can burn it using NERO or similar as a NTSC VCD and watch it on your TV. If you had a TV license in NI in the last year or so, you’ve paid your dues for the series, so you’re not exactly stealing it… :sunglasses: Would anyone have any objection had you taped it at home and brought it over here, same thing init? :bulb:

Oh I have no objections to downloading - I have a few episodes from Kazza already ! And I did have a TV licence, and believe it or not they came down all the way from Belfast to my country hideaway to check it ! (They had to walk up a steep hill in January and it was pouring with rain… :laughing: Almost worth 104 quid!)

‘The Office’ will be released by warner on Region 1 sometime … t%20Series (6th item)

Soddom lent me two episodes of this and I love it. Nearly pissed myself watching them! Copied them too. :smiley:

Amazing, The DVD will be available in Taiwan

PS Anyone want to buy a cheap region 2 copy ? :wink:

Now available on NTSC at Rose Records. Not cheap…NT$600+ for the 2-DVD set. Just got mine from the Kung Kuan shop. Seemed to be the only copy.