Be sure to get your IC Cards … igners.htm

Dont dilly dally

Got mine Wednesday, as it was time to renew anyway.

I’m a little confused about something. There is an expiration date on the card. Does that mean that a new card has to be issued when you renew or change employment, as opposed to just amending the old paper cards? Where is the cost savings in that?

When I renewed my ARC a while back, I had to wait for the IC card for a month. Finally when it was time to pick it up, they said they ran out and I was issued a paper one. Nobody ever said I would have to get another one within a year (I got a 3 year one). Bit stupid, but this is Taiwan. They sure like to trouble people here.

Finally got mine when I renewed in July…

This is the blue plastic card with funny coding on the back right? I was surprised that there wasn’t a magnetic strip on it and I didn’t have to apply for multiple reentries on my ARC application.

I had one of the blue IC cards, then moved house and thus got a paper one again because they run out of the new ones. I am too lazy to get a blue one again.