Beach Vacation Recommendations?

I’m feeling really burnt out. We are hosting our first event next month and then moving into a larger office as we’ve outgrow ours so we can add more products and hold more inventory.

I could really use some light at the end of the tunnel.

Any recommendations for a quite beach vacation?

I was looking at Bali and it seems like a good choice. I don’t want anywhere too busy and loud. Nothing like a party destination or super touristy. I just want to sit on the beach and not think about anything.



Khao Lak



Taiwan needs some decent fully contained resorts. Where you don’t need to leave for a week.


We call that quarantine


Oh that’s the place where you are definitely not trapped?


I wouldn’t go to Bali for the beaches. They’re not great compared to beaches in Thailand and the Philippines. Culture, definitely; beaches, no.


Thailand, Bali

Phuket lovely here and next to no people.

You in Phuket now?

You’re still in the UK, right? How about some of the Atlantic islands (Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira…or further west)? I guess they’re easier to get to. My dad goes there pretty often.

Or somewhere in Greece?

I don’t know about Bali, as @Dr_Milker said. If you’re set on coming in this direction, I’d be looking at Southern Thailand or the Philippines (Bohol and Palawan are both pretty nice, but neither is exactly very convenient to get to - both would need a transcontinental flight then a domestic flight then a boat or long bus ride, so quite a lot of hassle).

Langkawi is alright and not too inconvenient to get to (flight to KL then a domestic flight), but if I was going there from Europe I’d probably favour Southern Thailand anyway.

(You’d need to check the travel rules of course - haven’t really been following those closely for any of the places I mentioned, but I thought most were starting to open.)

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Yes, I’m still in the UK.

I was looking at Greece, it’s more expensive than SE Asia for hotels but the flights are much cheaper and only a few hours. My concern is that some of the places are too popular, touristy, and possibly like party spots. So I would need to do some research on where, but it’s really confusing with all the islands with understanding the logistics of getting there.

Rooms for 2…

Somewhere in the Mediterranean is probably most convenient.

Philippines no quarantine now if fully vaccinated. Boracay is closed without local ID but could try Palawan that is not a big party area.

Bali is not so crowded but not as great as it ever was and the islands nearby maybe OK but more hippie-ish.

Thailand Krabi area is a good spot for quiet getaway especially the secluded beaches with no road access. Maybe can catch direct flight or only one connecting flight.

Yeah, I’m not sure either. I’ve only ever been to Crete, and that was two decades ago. I feel like you could probably find nice relaxed places that aren’t too busy, especially at the moment, but you’d obviously want to avoid the party spots like Malia (if that’s still even one).

I like Palawan, but I feel like getting there from Europe would be a total hassle. It was a hassle getting there from Taiwan even. I’m guessing a flight to Manila, then another to Puerto Princesa, then 5 hours or whatever it is for the bus up to El Nido. I don’t know about Coron - maybe can fly there directly from Manila? If not, that’s a boat trip on top.

Mexico has tons of great beaches. It just depends on the type.of destination you are looking for.

I just want to sit at a beautiful quite beach in a nice villa and stare at the ocean for a few days. I’m absolutely burnt out already :expressionless:

If you can go before summer rainy season hits, most of the Caribbean fits the bill. You could probably get a good deal for a resort package for the Dominican Republic (or Cuba even) from the UK if you search around a bit.

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Sounds familiar…

If you want to avoid people, I don’t know how’s the weather now but you can consider Ishigaki.