Bean bags sold anywhere?

Yes the kind you can put in your room and sit comfortably on. It’s called

I saw a few in a store in March or April. I’ll do my best to describe the store and hopefully you can find them.

There is a mall on Nanjing East Road and Dunhua Road. It is the complex where IKEA is. The mall is difficult to miss. The store is inside that mall. I believe that I saw it when I was leaving IKEA, not when I was entering it.

The distinctive thing about the store is that everything in it is black and white. They had bean bag chairs there…not big enough to sleep in, but definitely big enough to hang out in for hours on end.

The bad news is, $$$$$$$$$$$. I’m not talking typical foreigner “I won’t pay more than 500 NT for anything” $$$$$$$$$$. I’m talking expensive.

This is sort of related: I’m looking for the polystyrene filler of these bean bags. I had a couple of bean bag chairs made in the Philippines, and assumed it would be a snap to find find the little balls to fill them. After all, this is “FPG” country. No dice.

I will ask the store you mentioend about where I can go for leads. After all, you have to replace the beads over time since they settle and become powder.

Worst comes to worse, I’ll buy them off the Internet – but I’m hoping to save money buy sourcing them here.

We often get those polystyrene balls when we get packages sent to us. Start collecting.

Actually maybe you could get them from the recycling centres. You could at least get a whole lot of polystyrene and cut it up.


OK, finally found time to check out the store (it’s actually near my office, but I could only make it out there on a Sunday – go figure)

The place is called YOLK (02 8770 7509) and after you walk down the stairs from Tun Hua and straight towards Fnac, it would be on your left side. A tiny place.

They showed me two kinds of bean bag chairs. One is a small “stool” like thing – in the shape of a large block. Because it is black you might think for a moment that it is a granite block. This is priced NT$ 2,500+

The other is a large more traditional-looking bean bag chair, except it has this extra bit at the ‘top’. If you hung it from that ‘top’ it would be shaped like a bowling pin (a four- to five-foot black bowling pin, that is). The first thing I thought of was the Grimace (the purple McDonaldland guy who has an obsessive-compulsive regard for milkshakes. Why was he called the Grimace anyway, since he always had this dopey smile on?) The bowling-pin beanbag cost something like NT$ 4,750

I asked about the filler and the shop lady was nice to pick up the phone and call someone. But she told me they were “sou shi” and I could try again today. Then she took my phone number and said that they’d call me. She did confirm that they could sell the filler, but she didn’t know how much it cost.

I have two very large beanbags to fill, so I’m a little worried about their price (judging from the cost of the Grimace). If anyone has leads on more sources, please let me know. After all, bean bag balls will settle over time and you need to replace them. Plus, I’m told it’s more comfortable to have various shapes and sizes in them (so Brian, your tip about using packing peanuts is appreciated)

From their name card: Yolk Development, Tel. 02 2550 2575/02 2550 8039 FAX, 4/F, #155, Ning Hsia Rd. Taipei, 103

Bean bags in Oz are expensive, just the fact that they are now deemed cool… anyway they cost around NT$4000 once you have filled them with balls etc…

Any recent sightings of bean bag chairs?

Sorry, but sitting on a lump of crap is not, in my opion, cool. Find a chair for crying out loud. These things are a bane on society.
I can only recall one time I had a good time with one of these tortuous chairs. However, I can’t talk about it.

I love flopping in them.

I can also see one being a conveniently form-fitting and inescapable place to plop my first born in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

A damn great use for these bags. I also recall tossing the young’un in the bag, not that I ever actually owned one of them, and had great assurance the critter wasn’t going to escape custody.

I got mine from Muji at Hsinyi NYNY.

Muji’s got smallish bean bag chairs for NT$5,000.
Hola’s got properly massive ones for NT$3,000.

Just had mine delivered. :smiley:

Bean bag chairs are so 70s.

I’m a '74.