Beard trimmer


could anyone suggest a place, where I could find beard trimmers? Preferably something like Philips Norelco QT4070 or something similar.

I was looking online at PChomeus and MoMoShop and could not find it :frowning: Also, did not find a store in Taipei that would sell such things yet.

Do you know of any place in Taipei that could have it?

Thank you!

I got mine at the [strike]Chinese[/strike] multipurpose shop.

yeah - multipurpose shops have them and I get mine from there too.

i got one from rt mart.

I had trouble finding a good one too.

If you’re talking one with a variable guard for trimming a beard, not entirely shaving it, and one that’s good quality, head to SOGO in Zhongxiao Fuxing (not the one connected to the Fuxing MRT station. The one across the street. Go up to almost the top floor where you see kitchen stuff and there is a Braun vendor there. They have a really good one for about 3,000NT. It’s a wet/dry shaver with a guard and two different trimmer widths. 4 adjustments on the two guards. Comes with a year or two year guarantee too.

When buying a trimmer, keep in mind that you will someday be looking for replacement blades.
I bought mine at RT Mart, a Philips product. When I tried to replace the blades, I was directed to the main Philips Service center who would have been pleased to sell me 2 sets of blades for the same price as the trimmer. Amazon wasn’t much better.
I suggest that you find a trimmer and blades at one location. Night market might not be the cheapest course in the long run.

I’m also looking for a (cheap) beard trimmer. I saw some cheap-ish general purpose electric clippers with fittings for haircuts of different lengths for less than 1000 NTD. Would that work for trimming a beard without actually shaving it and just keeping it to a neat length? I noted above about the ones available for about 3000NTD, but I’d rather not pay that much if I can. As for the multipurpose shops - what are they, exactly? I’ve seen some shops that seem to sell everything from buckets and mops to earphones to spare plugs and everything in between. Can I assume that’s what you mean?

So anyway, with the help of my wife, I managed to locate a specialist store where you can get all kinds of beard and hair type cutting and trimming implements, on Roosevelt Road, between the Taipower Building and Guting MRT’s. Specifically, the address is Number 16 Roosevelt Road, diagonally across from Cafe Grazie, the Italian restaurant. I got a perfectly serviceable beard trimmer there for 800NTD, and the proprietor does, I believe, speak a few words of English. Anyone checking this thread for places where they can get beard or even hair trimmers, take note.

In the Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store next to Taipei City Hall MRT, if you go to the appliances section, they have Phillips beard trimmers. Sadly, I didn’t saw them until after I got a Braun shaver in a 3C store, which isn’t bad at all, but lacks a little bit of power sometimes (my beard’s hairs are hard to cut).

Has anyone gotten a trimmer from any of the above places recently? Want to find one with fine increment settings. I’m in Taoyuan if anyone knows anything closer.