Beat my fortnight

Mother Hill is coming to Taiwan on Sunday.

I have two weeks off to travel around Taiwan, and spend time with my dear old mum.

Can anyone beat that? Do you have something better than that lined up?


I don’t and I can’t. I think it’ll be great – it’s always fun to take a relly or friend places you’ve been to or places you’ve always meant to get around to visiting. Get the chance to kind of see things through someone else’s eyes.
Have a great time. Even at the Wuchi fishmarket (actually, I’ll admit that the market would be quite a sight for someone who hasn’t been to one before).

nothin beats family

My wife is out of town for three weeks, and I can do whatever I like. :wink:

OUCH! Yer bested, Tom! With bells on!

Is redwagon married to TomHill’s mum?

Where’s Comrade Stalin? He’s the expert when it comes to people’s mothers.

Good on ya Tom. It’s a nice time of the year for travelling.

[quote=“irishstu”]Is redwagon married to TomHill’s mum?[/quote]No. Is she available?

She is, and she’s a real looker.

I’ll be taking care of Mrs Hill for the duration, before anyone else offers.


That was a goodie!