Beaten dogs. What can I do?(Kaoshiung)

Tonight I saw something very disturbing. It’s the second time now actually.

A couple weeks ago I ordered some take-out food at a local restaurant and as I was waiting for my food, I heard a dog squealing down the road. So I walked down to find a small stall. It’s an auto mecanic place and the people actually live at the back behind a wall that separates the shop and the rest of the house. It’s a true dump. Like scary dumpy. Anyways, that time I witnessed a man beating a dog with a stick that looked like a 2x4. It was a big dog and I could see that it was chained next to another dog which was also chained. I interrupted with a loud cough and the man turned around and started moving toward me with his stick and he was saying"what do you want?"angrily(in Chinese), almost screaming at me. I said “meiguanxi” and backed off doing my best to give him a though look but I was intimidated. The guy must be 200 pounds. Very bulky and he presented himself pretty aggressively.
Tonight was worse. I felt I walked into a movie where the two weirdo’s live in a dump in the forest doing atrocities to animals or something. I had never witnessed such cruelty in my 33 years of existence. I went back to that restaurant tonight and again I heard a dog squealing. It sounded like a smaller or younger dog this time. I ran over knowing it was that same bastard and I stood there for 15 minutes watching this guy hit an animal with this stick over, and over, and over again. The thing is the angle didn’t allow me to see the dog, I could see one side of the cage but not inside it. Every hit, I could hear it breathing; an exhaling like noise and a few times it started squealing for many seconds at the time. I’m not going to tell you the thoughts that ran through my head at that time… I decided to move in on the guys,(another guy was sitting watching tv this time) I walked in and asked in Chinese “me look at dog please?” I was playing innocent as in I just like dogs. Before neither of them could answer, the two big dogs jumped up and tried to attack me. “Clonk” I heard their chains come to an end. These dogs would have killed me. I know a bit about dogs and something is seriously wrong with these dogs. There was a third one chained in the back room I saw today. One of the guys(the beater) laughed a retard sounding laugh and proceeded to ignore me this time as opposed to get angry with me again like the previous time and the other guy answered my question saying: “I’d let you look but the dogs don’t want” He shook his head back and forth enough times and the dogs were salivating at the end of their chains. I said “meiguanxi” one more time and I left. It’s weird because I didn’t feel that threatened because it’s quite in the open on the corner of a busy area with many people about but thinking back, I’m spooked a bit because I think they may be dangerous people.

The dogs are my concern. I’m wondering if there are any ressources that are safe for me and my wife yet that would help the animals? I’m in Kaohsiung and the incident happened in Tsoying. I can think of a couple things I could try like go to the police but is it the right thing to do?. I tell you,these guys looked dodgy. There are at least four dogs there to my knowledge.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

You could try this:
[Report Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect


Thank you Brian. I’ll start with that. I had not searched search enough. :blush:


There aren’t many people who would actually try and do something about such mindless abuse, so hats off to you. :bravo:

Obviously, you have to be careful. I’m urging anyone who witnesses animal abuse to contact as many agencies as they can (start with the ones on the thread link above).

If we ALL reported EVERY case of animal abuse we see (physica abuse, malnutrition, neglect, inadequate exercise, etc.), the agencies would be extremely busy, but they would have to do something, especially if you go through an outside organization such as UK’s RSPCA: the SPCA here is affiliated with the RSPCA and would have to be seen to be doing something about reported abuse. You should get your friends to write in to the agencies about the same case. The more e-mails, the more they have to do something about it.

Currently there are only six SPCA officers in the whole country; the UK has almost three hundred. By reporting every case of abuse you see, the number of officers here should hopefully be expanded. We also need to get local media to follow up on such cases to show that such treatment is not just WRONG, but ILLEGAL, and that there will be consequences.

Keep us informed, and best of luck to you. I admire what you’re doing.

Stray Dog

Do call the police now - as well as, not instead of, the animal protection people. What these thugs are doing is in contravention of the Animal Protection Law (Dongwu Baohu Fa) and the police are obliged to do something about it. They can act faster than the animal protection agencies. Should the police refuse to intervene, start talking about calling the media, e.g. the TV show Shehui Zhuijiling (hotline 02-2389 4127) - This case is right down their street. If your Chinese isn’t up to it, ask a local friend to help.

Unfortunately these dogs may have been abused to the point where they are unsocialisable and have to be put down. I would argue that putting them down would be more humane than leaving them in their present condition.

Tragic as it is, I would have to agree.

If the media get involved, though, you can be certain it would make others think twice before committing such acts, so it would not be in vain.

Let us know what happens. And good luck.

I agree about those dogs. They will never be “pets” anymore.

I sent some e-mails and haven’t heard back yet. I did not go to the police. :blush: It worries me. Maybe if I can’t get help otherwise then I will go. I’ll keep you posted.

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Oh. Thanks for the update, Traveller. I hadn’t noticed. :blush: