Beautiful Aerial Shots of Taiwan

Here is a series of shots taken from a helicopter over Taiwan. I don’t know the owner of the shots. They came in an e-mail doing the rounds. I hope they don’t mind. I’m sure they’ll meet an appreciative audience here. I’ll come through with the location names later. Meanwhile you can take a punt and perhaps save me the trouble. This is the first 10. There are more, but I’m running low on time.

1)Turtle Island

2)Sandbar, Chimei Island, Penghu

3)Xiuguluan River

4)Jiaming Lake

5)Dapeng Bay

6)Gaomei Wetlands in Taichung county

7)Sun Moon Lake

8)Feicui Reservior

9)Fisherman’s wharf, Danshui

10)Sun Moon Lake, Lalu Island

The last few. Quite an impressive little collection. Not so long ago such photography was probably illegal.

11)Moon World


13)Huangtsui Ecological Reserve


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Thanks guys.