Beautiful areas around Taiwan - Jiufen, Yilan, Danshui and more!

This video is of some of the places I have visited in Taiwan over the last few months.
Locations: Jiufen 九份, Yilan 依蘭, Danshui 淡水, Beitou Park 北投公園, Ximending 西門町, Longshan Temple 龍山寺, Muzha Park 木柵公園 for more videos

I think you mean: “Beautiful areas around Taipei”, not Taiwan. 6 of 7 locations in greater Taipei area, and 1 in the county next door.

That being said, awesome video and awesome music. PLEASE go around to some of the further reaches (Alishan, Green Island, Penghu, Taroko, some aboriginal villages, etc.) and do a compilation if you get the chance. Your cinematography is great but more variety would make it even better!

Really fluid. Enjoyed watching it. What are you using to shoot?

I use a Canon 60D to shoot.

very nice video and theme music to go with it… i miss my 60D one of the best cameras

Fantastic! Very professional. Beautiful filming, well edited, and perfect choice of music to accompany it.
:bravo: :notworthy: :bravo:
Rock on.