Beautiful puppy ready for adoption!

Emma is ready for adoption! This beautiful puppy is in excellent health and is looking for a happy home. She is almost 4 months old and has all her shots up to date. She is not spayed yet, but will be soon. Although she is a bit shy at first, she loves to play and is very friendly with other dogs and cats.

Please PM me if you are looking for a sweet little dog to be your companion.

She has come a long way since she was rescued and has lots of love to give!

Here she is now:

Emma got spayed!

Enjoying her collar. :frowning:

Emma is trying out a home - hope it works out for her - she is such a sweetie!

Emma in her new digs:

Loving that bed!

Looks like she has made herself right at home.

uh oh…
His neighbours are complaining that she barks in the day while he is at work. Possibly separation anxiety. Need a solution or he says he may not be able to keep her. He is obviously upset. Very stressful for everyone involved.
Any ideas? :help:

I can’t take her back. My landlord (who lives upstairs) has made it very clear I can only have one (quiet) dog.

Tell him to walk her in the morning, before he leaves. 10-20 minutes. Remember “a tired dog is a happy dog” -Stray Dog.

Leave TV/radio on. Put old, worn T-shirt with her so she can have some confort with something from the owner.

Best of luck. My Toto still hauls a bit Monday mornings because he has spent al weeked with me, but as the working week schedule sets in, he relaxes and makes no noise at all when I leave.

Thanks, Icon.
Good ideas, but I don’t think 10-20 min is anywhere near sufficient
I try for an hour and a half total walks a day , and there is still energy left over.
I always feel guilty when I do short 10-20 min walks.

I’ll pass the ideas on - I really hope things work out!

Forgot to acount for the size/age of the pup, LOL.

What I mean to say is to keep a schedule, and try to do a walk in the morning -before leaving- and another one in the afternoon -usually, for us that is the 1 hour long one.

Meaning keep the dog entertained all day. If it was possible to even do that at lunch time -like one of my colleagues does- it would be perfect, but, alas, not all of us are lucky to work close to home.

Hopefully it will pass, as soon as the pup gets used to her new home. It is a new whole ballgeame for her, hope the neighbors will bear with it a bit longer. It will pass.

The guy who adopted Emma is a really, really nice guy, but … he keeps coming back with LOTS of questions (an email to me every day or two and a phone call to my Mandarin speaking friend every second day), many of which I feel ill-equipped to answer. (see below)
I guess I ask a lot of questions, too, but…

When I first found Emma, she had scabies (mange) and I was told to put her into quarantine for a MONTH. She stayed in my biggish bathroom and cried a lot. She missed out on so , SO much important socialization for a 2-3 month old pup. She got walks , but minimal interaction as I was sht-scared of spreading her mange to the other animals in the house.
Maybe she would have turned out the same, maybe not. I feel it was this isolation that made her scared of everyone except me. The guy who has her said she has warmed up a bit to him, but he is convinced she was abused while she was on the street. Possible, but I have a feeling it is from not enough socialization at a crucial time… Either way, she is very shy of people, and she barks (which, I suppose isn’t that abnormal for a dog…)

He writes:
" I watch Emma’s junior pictures over and over again, and I felt so sad.
She must have led a miserable life before she met you.
I conclude that maybe there is a shadow hanging over her
She is afraid of many things.
Till now she does not get closer to me than that of my
originally expect.
Sound I take her to see a “mental vet” "

… I advised just giving her lots of love and being very patient.

He writes:

"I will keep on trying my best to love her.
And I will keep on modifying the way of love until we have some “feeling” in common.
I addition, she always pees outside.
But sometime she has to pee in the balcony because of the typhoon.
She will not pee unless I take her out.
Do you have any better idea? "

Gee, I dunno. Sounds really great to me.

The next day he writes:
“Sometimes I feel sorry about Emma because I put a muzzle onto her mouth when I have to go out for a little moment and almost my neighbors stay home.
I am just afraid
(1)When the time almost my neighbors stay home, for example, late in the evening she barks as I am absent from my place
(2)She likes to bite something that she is not allowed to do when I was absent for a while
I am afraid that she will dislike me for the reason, but I have no choice though I pay much love to her.
Do you have any idea or could you pass me some information about how other experienced people
deal with the serious problem?”

A muzzle? While he is gone? Uh oh… I thought those were to prevent biting - but it sounds like he is using it to prevent barking. My initial intention when I took Emma in was just to CNR her. The vet said she was too young, too thin, and not healthy enough for surgery, so I had to wait. I decided to try to find her a home. A mistake? I dunno. Maybe.

Maybe I should break my rental contract and try to find a place to live where barking is not going to freak the neighbours out and take her back. It is just that I can’t quite wrap my head around hauling TWO dogs along should I decide to return to my birth country. One I can handle.
I hope.