Beautiful Real Live Christmas Trees NT$1999 at B&Q

Saw these the other night. I walked into the store, sniff sniff…what’s that I smell? It must be fake Christmas tree smell that they spray on the plastic trees. I got closer to the tree.

Wow I thought, that is a very authentic smell. Wait a minute, that is real tree sap.

Anyway, they are in perfect shape, excellent quality. If I wasn’t going back home for Christmas, I would definitely buy one and keep the fake tree in the attic this year.

You can find them at B&Q in Neihu inside the store right before you enter where they check your card. Get 'em while they last.


Sounds great! Will they deliver them too?

Hahaha, good question. Think it would fit in the front seat of a taxi? Maybe sticking out the trunk. I think back home we tied it to the top of the car. Somehow, I don’t think the cabby would appreciate that. I suppose they have delivery but it won’t be cheap. I would try the taxi route.

I’m picturing this whole scenario and I cannot stop laughing!