Beautiful Taiwanese Women/Men

Anyone who has had a relationship with a Taiwanese woman will most likely have found it quite rewarding and challenging, especially if one is from a different culture. I have found that older Taiwanese women are quite traditional and loyal, but this maybe be changing with the younger generation? I have met a few women here who really want to have children with foreigners, and this can be good for both parties. For a man or woman, who is not eligible for work here under the law, a marriage can allow them to stay in the country, and this allows them to work both legally and illegally depending on the type of employment. Involving children can be a bit scary. For men or women who marry and have children with US citizens, for about $6,000 US they are able to hire attorneys to garnish wages and lock up passports if they have custody of the children. The children of a US citizen are also able to obtain citizenship, and a mother or father from Taiwan is able to easily obtain a green card to work and live in the US, which can eventually lead to citizenship within a decade. There currently is little recourse for an individual in Taiwan who wed or have children with men or women from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or other countries in Europe that I am aware of. It is clear that this is an issue that these nations will have to face in the near future because from a humanitarian standpoint these spouses and children involved are entitled to benefits offered under their significant others national law, especially children who have an expatriate parent. One thing is clear. This will become a hot issue in the future as more men and women here have spouses and children with individuals from other nations, but it is unclear what the outcome will be. The US stance regarding children of expatriates seems to be the most ethical and humanitarian.

Seems someone got burnt from a Taiwan woman… it happens to best of us, uh, them…

Whether ones agrees or not, I fail to see the point of this post, OP.

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Good post. I think there may be some information here which others are not likely to talk about but is serious. Some foreigners clearly dont feel its appropriate to respect countries they are residing in. This can clearly lead to a backlash.

Something not making much sense in this thread…hmmm.

Someone trying to build a post count, by the look of it. I get the impression that toshlaura is either the same person, or an associate (check out his/her other posts). Unless the OP can clarify what point he/she is trying to make…?

Yea, there seem to be a lot of new random posts lately…

Someone trying to build a post count, by the look of it. I get the impression that toshlaura is either the same person, or an associate (check out his/her other posts). Unless the OP can clarify what point he/she is trying to make…?[/quote]

Yeah they seem to be the same person or associated. It’s pretty subtle though so hard to pin down exactly what they are doing.

But when things don’t make sense there’s usually a reason. Those two post simply make no sense. Looking at Toshlauras other posts he looked legit until this last post which has the real blog spam linker feel about it. Combined with the OPs weird and generic post it’s a give-away.

Seems a copy-paste from an article somewhere. I simply don’t grasp the sense of the post or what the OP wants to proove / discuss.
A few hundred kids of mixed couples ? Euh… not breaking news not?

Okay. I see why some people did not understand this thread. For me, it has not been hard to enter relationships around the world, especially in Taiwan. In being an adult, however, I think that one must be aware that there are serious issues in entering a relationship with an individual from another country. We all have mates that have been burned here who are both expats and nationals. I have a couple of friends who have left women here with children, and I have a couple of women friends who are nationals who have basically garnished businesses and residences because their spouses have no legal entitlement to their property under Taiwanese law. I think this is a serious issue, and this has kept me from having children with a local. Also, from a humanitarian standpoint, there are expatriates from Western countries all over the world, and many of these individuals are having children. With DNA testing, proving that one is a parent is quite easily presently. I believe this is an issue that governments will be contending with as a result of globalization sooner than later. I recommend a Google search for anyone who does not think that this is an issue. The reality is that it is an issue, and it does affect relations between locals and expatriates within a nation. … y_863.html … ssion.html … oblem.html

I don’t get why you chose your thread title…
And this kind of issues first arose when people started getting Visa’s and realized intercultural relationships do include settling down with family, territory and laws, specially laws.

The thread title and content are not very coherent and still rather generic.

I agree the title is generic. I think that most people on the island are a bit innocent. I think this is why I chose the title. I do think the innocence of Taiwan and its people is why I have stayed here. Not everything in the world has to make sense like my “generic” title. As a foreigner, the most foreign part of Taiwan, for me, has been how people actually work together. I am sure that many Westerners feel similarly to me because they also come from “herding cultures.”

I guess you would find further understanding by checking Hofstede’s rating. They are not innocent, but rather would avoid conflict. You might come from a culture that is more focused on the self rather than the group, hence your outlook. These are both good, but for western cultures, the “learn your place” mindset of the Taiwanese culture can be frustrating… in my opinion that is what fucks up the whole relationship thing.
Taimeis were raised to be the kind of girls what would tame a man (again, my opinion based on past relationships with them).
I liked that wikipedia article, thnx for that.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but based on the incoherent nature of the thread I don’t dare click on any of those links. :astonished:

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I’m not one for lobbing personal insults, but OP, this thread is an incoherent mess and it’s very easy to imagine someone sitting in a locked room with a tin foil hat typing it. Now I’m not saying your posts have no value, but could you please explain the connection between beautiful men/women, child kidnapping, and herding?