Beauty competition cruelty

This is funny and creepy at the same time. They say it’s a beauty contest, but I think it’s a porn site for sickos who are into zombiegirls on speed.
Walk into the light, Carol-Ann!

cruel? no. Creepy, yes.

April 19-35 looks like a baby version of Boy George from the Karma Chameleon or some other 80s popstar video.

This is really disturbing…

They say: [quote]Judges are instructed to look for a naturally beautiful child who’s poised and confident, and projects alot of personality. No deductions will be given for things that are a normal part of being a child ~ bruises, missing teeth, etc. Unless otherwise state in the paperwork, judges will be looking for a total package “glitz” child, as well. They will be looking for up-to-date, age appropriate, and flattering clothing and clean, crisp, creative pictures[/quote]

And this is the winner (the kid is about 2 years old):

These pics are photoshopped, right? :astonished:

I’m gonna have nightmares of plastic babies that talk. Sick.

It has to be!!!

I think it’s cruel too! It’s like dressing up a dog in a dress. I wonder if these kids could sue if they ever got over that speed addiction long enough to think coherently one day.