Beaver living with the dinosaurs

Sounds like junk news, but is true. A beaver, who had lived happily with the dinosaurs 164 million years agol, had been found in China. Turned to stone and with a happy grin on his face, that he had just nuked the whole Paleontology or however you call that in English.

Because only much later, mammals like us and him are supposed to live on Earth, and only in a much simpler form first.

We all (unless you are from an extreme religious part of God’s own country I guess :smiley: ) have learned in school, that there was first some tiny little ugly rat-like mammals, which have eaten the first dinosaur eggs and thus anhilating them.

So they later turned into more sophisticated mammals like you and me.

Well, a beaver did his own thang, it seems. No wonder with such a tail. Guess a dinosaur had stepped on it once.

Only German source: … 75,00.html

Found in China, where else?