Because of covid-19 my ARC expired while I’m abroad

Because of covid-19 my ARC expired while I’m abroad. Now that my contract has expired and I’m not able to sign another contract as well, I’ve been trying to extend my ARC for six months to re-enter Taiwan but faces difficulties hence I needed a guarantor.
My ARC expires tomorrow, is there anyone who has similar experience while abroad?
Also can you still enter Taiwanese within a specific time after the expiry so as to extend your arc ?

If you could secure a contract, your employer could get you a working permit and you could go to Taiwan, enter a mandatory 14-days quarantine and secure a new ARC.
Of course, if you have a job that qualifies as Gold Card ARC works better.
In my company, we have people coming from Europe as I am writing this, using this method.


I was offered a teaching job but the issue is, I must submit a medical certificate before I could get the permit and must be from a reputable hospital. It’s very difficult in this situation to secure that.

Is having a work permit enough for you to get a special entry permit (a resident visa?) from an overseas TECO to enter Taiwan?

Short answer, yes.
White collars, specialized blue collars (technicians)
No sweatshop factory worker, care givers or the likes tho.

Thanks. I’m currently in Taiwan and is offered an IT-related job. The company will apply for a work permit this month (contract starts on July 1). My extended visitor visa will expire at the end of July and I’m worried that I may not be able to “change” it to a resident visa (and then an ARC). If that’s the case, I may have to return to my home country (Canada), quarantine for 14 days, and then head to the TECO to apply for a special entry permit.

You really like to live the fullest huh?

Well, the main story here, whether your company willing to apply work permit for you. Basically guaranteeing for your ARC.
If your work.permit secured, nothing can stop you coming to TW.
Your ARC could only done by yourself locally, after you finish the quarantine.

This has to be done within 15 days of arrival in Taiwan, right? With the 14-day quarantine, that leaves one day to get this done… if I have to leave and come back, I better time the arrival so that the 15th day doesn’t fall on a weekend or holiday.

Or you can ask it to an agent.

Can a friend do this for me?


Thanks for the info. If I end up having to leave Taiwan and come back, I’ll ask a friend to apply for me.

Do you have any knowledge or experience about work permit medical exams out of taiwan? Can I send the authenticated or scanned copy?

Work permit dealt by your company. They should contact the labor thingy on what the paperworks needed. I know company must insert a letter saying that your expertise is highly needed for the company.
I dont know about the medical exams.

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You can check here what you should prepare for your employer to get your work permit.

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I want to follow this thread. I am coming to Taiwan for the first time in a few weeks, and my employer said I would be able to get a medical check there since I’ve been avoiding hospitals in the U.S. for obvious reasons. Originally, my flight was planned for Jan 6th-8th, but the school asked me to arrive before the 5th, and the only date I could change it to was the 1st through 3rd, which means I’ll be arriving on a Friday… right before a weekend. I have the same concern about getting a medical check and getting an ARC within 15 days when I’m quarantined for 14 of those days. I wonder if I could get a medical check done while I’m in quarantine somehow? There has to be someone who takes people to the hospital should they develop symptoms during that time…

So you were able to get a visa without a medical check in the US? What type of visa did you get?

The visa just arrived today- it’s a Resident Visa. I noticed when I submitted documents for the visa that it said something about a medical check “if required” for the work permit. I already had the work permit, so I just sent everything in without it, since I’d already asked my school if I could do the health check in Taiwan.

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This is good to know.

Maybe someone at your school should ask NIA if you could have an extra few days to get the medical check and ARC done. This is special circumstance…

One more question, if you don’t mind. When you applied for the visa, did you choose visitor visa or resident visa?