Because of covid-19 my ARC expired while I’m abroad

for white collar work based ARC, you don’t need a health check. It is for a work permit of a teacher, so if you already have a work permit, you don’t need a health check. And ARC can be done by an agent.

Thanks @tando. I thought the health check was for the resident visa because on the TECO website, it says “health certificate” (or something like that) is one of the required docs for a resident visa. But then @eahouston85 has already gotten her visa, so maybe it’s not required… It would be great if it isn’t required.

I got my visa from the Atlanta consulate, and this was the page I looked at when gathering documents: It said “if requested” next to health check.

The visa in the passport says resident visa, which is what I intended to get. Isn’t Taiwan not really doing visitors visas these days?

It seems to me that different TECO offices have different lists of required documents. For instance, the list on the TECO Toronto website doesn’t say “if requested” beside Health certificate (, while the TECO Ottawa website doesn’t list health certificate as required if you have a work permit (… so maybe you don’t need one. When you get to Taiwan, just ask someone at your school to apply the ARC for you.

I think it depends on the purpose of your visit. If you’re visiting for business purposes, you can still get a visitor visa.