Beck's Beer in Convenience Stores

Noticed it in 7/11, Family Mart, etc. in cans. Tried it, can’t seem to find any resemblance to the Beck’s I am accustomed to and really like.

Becks for export may not be the same as becks for germany? Or perhaps they are not even german made becks? did u see who made them and where?

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which for beer generally means it has been boiled (pasteurized, sterilized) or deep frozen (-18 C).
Did you drink it cool? We had it few days ago at the German Trade Office Happy Hour and it was good (from the huge can’s).

Made in Jiangsu, China. Read the cans.

Ouch. Like those jap beers.

Ouch. Like those jap beers.[/quote]

Partially correct. The cheap ones are made in China. The more expensive ones are actually from Japan. There is a quality difference, both in how they’re made and what they put in them. The real Japanese varieties (Asahi Draft, Kirin Ichiban most often found in convenience stores) are actually very decent brews, made with pure barley malt, yeast and hops. Cheaper varieties from China and Taiwan (I always laugh when I hear people say Taiwan Beer is good) are brewed using rice as one of the ingredients. This is done because it is cheap. It’ll get you drunk, yes; but don’t try to say it tastes good. lol. Similarly, the American brews Busch and Budweiser are made using corn, an artificially cheap item due to agricultural subsidies in the States. Again, cheap ingredients make cheap quality beer. But some people are used to such things, and believe they are “good.”

Another option, I suppose is Heineken, which is also brewed using pure barley, yeast and hops. But to my taste, their patented yeast produces a beer that tastes like soap.

We don’t need to stick to the German formula of beer to have good beer. If it tastes good and has good fresh ingredients then that works for me. Germans used wheat, hops and yeast because that is what they had available. Now I happen to like German beer but I also think Taiwan draught beer has its place too especially in such a hot climate.

I completely agree with you;
That’s the whole point of tasting different beers and understanding their background.
Back on topic, yes, after a while in Tw, I had to move on to Japanese beers and suntory.

EDIT: oh i recall always stocking up on kirin’s strong seven, I have just NO idea what was about that sucky beer…

So that’s how they make Busch beer. :slight_smile:

So that’s how they make Busch beer. :slight_smile:[/quote]

haha @conservatives.

Actually supposedly Busch has rice in it too? And apparently all beer exported have preservatives in it.

So my fav is to head over to the Pyramid Ale House in berkeley where they actually make the stuff. Their stuff is short lived and has no preservatives and should be kept chilled.

They make for other microbreweries also. LIke Buffalo Bills in Hayward. Made a special trip out there the other day with a bud , on my way to the san jose viet cafes. Had a nice pizza and a beer made for them (but not sold by) Pyramid. CAlled ORANGE BLOSSOM CREAM ALE. Pretty doggone good !

Same price as other Pyramid beer at 7.99 for six pack (take away). At Buffalo bills it costs 5.50 a bottle to drink there.

Are the Chinese Becks beer as horrid as the Chinese made BAR beer ?