Becoming a Distributor of Electronic Goods – Safety Approval

I’ve found a product that I’m sure is very saleable in Taiwan. The product is from a U.S. company, it’s already sold in many countries.

It runs on 110v from a household outlet.

My first question… how do I go about getting the product approved for sale in Taiwan? i.e. the CNS stamp etc.

Any other advice would be warmly welcomed!

When something is imported it can be sent for a “jian yan” (safety inspection). Already having CE and UL certification means nothing here. The testing cost will depend on the product but can be quite expensive. Eg NT$100,000 ish is not unknown. And you need to provide sample(s) that you may not get back. This works if you are a big company and importing a gazillion of something.
If your volume is very small getting a good customs broker who can get things in another way (eg “samples” or “parts” or blatent mis-labeling) might be a better solution.
Other than taking a product apart, bringing it in as parts and re-assembling it here I have never found out a reasonable way of doing things in a small but not miniscule to medium volume.