Becoming a monk in Taiwan

Im going go to taiwan to become a buddhist monk how do i get a permanent visa to stay there for ever?

I would suggest you start here:

You should talk with the temple hosting you.

This. If they’re serious about hosting you, they’ll take care of all that for you.

Thx for compassion i live in usa i know like 20 temples here should i become a monk in taiwan or usa

I doubt anyone here knows enough about monastic life to give you a fulfilling answer to that question. You could ask the temples you know about in the US what they think. If you’re looking for easy access to Buddhist resources, Taiwan is a good choice; if you want peace, quiet, and nature, I’d suggest the rural US.

which school of Buddhism are you gravitated to? If you are interested in theravāda Buddhism, you should probably stay in the US.

is you r goal to just practice Buddhism within a Saṅgha, or do you also wish to be more academic and approach the suttras in a academic fashion?

these kind of info will help towards providing you with some sort of suggestion.

Joining the buddhist monasteries here in Taiwan I think requires a lot of dedication and sacrifices. You will be living in a collective after all. So determination and willingness to do things for others seems like a must. Many temples in Taiwan seems to be more ritualistic and less academic. But every temple is different. So, know what you want out of the experience, and perhaps clue us in which temples you are looking at, then I think more people can jump in and share.

I know of 17 temples in usa there are alot of temples with diffrent traditions and i live in usa were are temples better usa or taiwan ? I just dont want to make a mistake of going to taiwan were temples in the usa are better

what would you consider better for a temple? more time to practice/meditate, more time to study and discuss suttras, more traditional teachings/practice of the Buddha such as actual vassa? better buildings/living quarters? without these info it would be hard to make a suggestion…

Not to be mean, but it doesn’t sound like you have thought this through.

This is not some book translated by Thomas Clearly where you show up at a monastery and just get accepted with open arms, sweep the floor and become a Buddha. Do you speak Chinese?

BEFORE becoming a monk you need to become affiliated with a specific branch of Buddhism. Have you taken refuge yet?

You saw that Rambo movie, right? The one where he is a combat monk. Yeah, that one was great. Though they mentioned it would not accurately depict Buddhism in “A fish called Wanda”.