Becoming a student

I’ve been here a few years and have decided I need a different take on the situation. I am to become a student. Being the highly organised individual that I am, I haven’t needed to apply for a visa outside of Taiwan for about 4 years.

Is it possible to change residence/arc/visa status without leaving Taiwan, from being a legally employed teacher to being a student?

If so, how is it done?

Thanks all.

maybe find a place you want to study and see what they can tell you …

i’m hitched, so that covered me for my master’s program.

i have a place to study.
my chances of being married before september are nil.
was wondering if anyone could tell me something useful.
anyone been through this kind of process, ie. changing a work visa to a student visa without leaving the country?


call CLI in Taipei
check newspaper for their number
they know all about this sort of thing

Will try them