Becoming Taiwanese (and renouncing US citizenship), would an agency make it easier?

I’ve been here long enough. More than twenty years. There’s nothing in the states to go to so here’s as good as place as any

Would it be too terrible expensive to hire an immigration representative or are the steps easy enough to go through?
Who went through the American Renunciation process.
I hear a lot of it is talking about taxes?

Taiwan side should be easy enough to do b6 yourself. .

the states side, idk

Do you speak mandarin?

It doesnt seem super complicated, though over the years a couple friends had hassles with ait because they didnt like people giving uptheir citizenship, but all of them made it work solo without an agent. honestly, i would be worried about trusting someone else to handle something as important as becomming stateless. If you hire an agent, be sure to be fluent anyway to make sure they dont mess anything up. High stakes.

Any former Americans, please private message me.

About Mandarin ability, functional. I should have the ability to pass the test. And I went through the foreign spouse/immigrants night school program, graduated.
(3rd grade). I had the same teachers as my children. Awkward.


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This is not really true. You should take a look at foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE), IRS 2555.


The way around the 15% foreign earned self-employment tax is relatively simple and legal. You form a Taiwan company then become employed via that company. Then you aren’t legally “self-employed”. This, though, really depends on your current visa status and if you can legally work for your own company in Taiwan. But if that is set, it does get around the tax and no need to forfeit your citizenship. Granted, there might be a load of other reasons to give up your US citizenship, but there are some creative and legal work arounds.