"bedbug invasion" terrorizes US mother of one

“ohmigod, i’m going to die! where’s my therapist when i need hm?”

how soft have we all become? HTFU, woman. it’s not like there’s a tiger in the office.

or perhaps this is just another great opportunity to grab the cash and run, ably supported by the rapacious torts industry in the US?

or maybe it’s just karma.

Can I sue my employer because of cockroaches in my office? They cause me stress, too, while hunting them down.

Everyone knows Fox News is full of irritating pests.

I think Rascal is onto something. How much can I get here in Taiwan for suing my employer because of roaches? I mean, they have already caused two explosions in my computer already. Imagine the stress, the fear of not knowing when another BUM! will happen…

Yeah, right. :roflmao:

Uh, bedbugs, cockroaches? Anyone care to deal with the mice that prowl my office space and leave their MaoZeDung to let me know they’re about? How about the rats that fall out of the ceiling tile and scurry up and down the halls?

mao ze dung = hairy poo?

he he