Bedroom diminutives

I’ve heard that Junior is sorta diminutive name for male genitalia.
Does anyone know what the match for female’s?


mei mei

I believe the standard colloquial phrase is “Anton.”

I thought a boy’s tackle was xiao ji ji?

All of my gellies have called him “xiao didi”, though I can’t for the life of me think where the “xiao” comes into it.

Boss hogg,

I want to call it “nana” from the end of vag*na.
I don’t know if “Gigi” fit into this.


I heard “lao er”, too.

I have heard here in Taiwan, the term Hua (as in flower) applies… but only to the un-initiated.

How about “chou tofu” (stinky tofu) for the Roxy Vibe girl, and “zhen zhu nai cha” (pearl milk tea) for her foreigner one-night-stand boyfriend’s emissions a couple of days after/before…

Think I’ll stay away from that place…

The Big Babou

da hong hua

Anton, you have got to get out more often. :slight_smile:

The more one admires a part of the anatomy, the more nicknames are applied. For example, how many names are there for “breast”. How about “Vagina”. “Penis”. I venture to say that a fairly complete list would take a few hours and a bottle of JW.

it’s more often just called “ji ji” but you can add “xiao” when appropriate or if you feel like it. the same applies to the one above (i.e. you can say “xiao lao er”).

i’ve heard the phrase “mu dan hwa” (excuse my lousy romanization…i never learned it) used for the vulva



Chi1 bai1

that’s derogatory used in hokkien and south east asian…do you know what is the character used to represent that?


Never heard of that.

Sarcasm? :thinking:

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No. I’ve heard of xiao di, as mentioned above, but not this one.

Wow, OK. Lao er (老二) is pretty basic, but I guess it’s a little old-fashioned these days.